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The BACO commitment

BACO is committed not only to provide technical solutions that offer a perfect match for customers' requirements, but also to offer dedicated sales support and assistance. BACO products make life easier for users in the field and every customer is a valued priority partner.


The BACO quality requirement

Our products have a 10-year guarantee and are exceptionally reliable, which is why they are ideal for integration into systems that do not tolerate any failure (military, aeronautical, space exploration, medical research equipment, etc.). Moreover BACO product ranges offer ingenious and reliable solutions that are fast to implement.

Baco quality

The 10-year guarantee

You hear a lot of talk about quality, but customers need more than just talk. At BACO, we must demonstrate through concrete commitments. That is why we have been providing a 10-year guarantee on all new products purchased since September 2005. This guarantee reinforces the assurance of having a solid and committed brand by your side. With BACO, you can be sure you have made the right choice.
The BACO Company was founded in Strasbourg, France, in 1919. It has established a strong position in international control and signalling markets over the past century. Our products are renowned throughout the world for their quality and reliability. By offering customers a 10-year guarantee, we are backing up our reputation as market leader. Local contact and commitment are supported by our partner networks worldwide.