Terms of Guarantee



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Article 1- Subject:

Baco, under certain cumulative conditions, offers a “10 - YEAR GUARANTEE” for its 3 ranges of products : control
and signalling devices, cam switches, and disconnector switches featured in its current general catalogue.

Article 2- Applicable conditions:

The guarantee only applies to the products mentioned in the Baco general catalogue and marketed under the
Baco brand name in Export Geographical Areas organization except FRANCE.
This 10 - Year guarantee only applies as from September 1, 2005.
The Baco products are manufactured to be used by professionals.
Test laboratories, quality tests are under permanent concern to guarantee the customer he is certain that he is
having the best services he pretends to.
The customer/installer/user/distributor is only covered by the “10 - YEAR GUARANTEE” if all of the following
conditions are met :
- the customer/installer/user/distributor has respected the electrical characteristics like described in the
Baco general catalogue.
- the customer/installer/user/distributor has respected the mechanical characteristics listed hereafter :

Control and signalling devices
Mechanical life
Spring return pushbutton 3X106 operations cycles
Joystick 5X105 operations cycles
Other buttons 1X105 operations cycles
Cam switches
Mechanical life
1.250.000 operations (except mini cam switches : 100.000)

Switches disconnectors
Mechanical life under AC 20 current
20A 1 million
25A 100.000
32A 100.000
50A 40.000
63A 40.000
80A 40.000
100A 40.000

- the customer/installer/user/distributor has stored the products entering in the installation under conditions
of storage which are appropriate to the product;
- he has strictly observed good practice in the construction and maintenance of the installation, and has
observed current standards and specifications given in the Baco catalogues and instructions;
- Baco reserves the right to revoke this guarantee at any time in the event of failure by the customer/
installer/user/distributor to meet any of the above obligations or of any attempt at fraud by the
- Baco reserves the right to modify or cancel products in its current catalogues without any previous advice
and without obligation to replace or repair the products previously sold. The products which are no longer
in the catalogue will be then replaced by another similar product with the same characteristics or will be

Article 3- Extent of Guarantee:

If the relevant products defined above do not operate correctly and this is the result of a product failure,
the “10 – YEAR GUARANTEE” shall in all applicable cases cover the supply of spare parts required to restore the
product to its former condition, straightforward replacement of the product or the supply of a product with
equivalent characteristics and performance, to the exclusion of any other expenses, charges or compensation.
The guarantee applies if product failure is not the result of abnormal use, negligence, malicious intent or of an
external accident or default coming from modifications, repairs outside our After Sales Service or coming from
cases of absolute necessity (fire, flood, lightening…). The guarantee doesn’t apply if the product has exceeded its
normal lifespan.

Article 4 - Range - Effectiveness:

The “10 - YEAR GUARANTEE” only covers the site identified on the installation address. It may in no circumstances
be transferred or delegated and does not cover any possible consequential indirect damage. The expenses for
dispatching the products are at charge of the sender, the guarantee applies to spare parts, maintenance and
dispatching back to the customer is at Baco’s expenses.

Article 5 - Effective date of the guarantee:

The effective date of guarantee is the date of purchase.
The “10 - YEAR GUARANTEE” will apply after the receipt at Baco, of a copy of the original invoice duly stamped by
the distributor.