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Since 2000, the Legrand Group invests in technologies of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) to scientifically calculate the environmental impacts of its products, and provide factual information. Baco, as a branch of the Legrand Group benefits then from the Corporate processes. It is from the results of these LCA that are built Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) of its products and especially their environmental performance has improved.

What is a PEP?

This eco-statement describes, for a product or product category:

  • the environmental characteristics 
  • the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle (Materials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Use, End of Life).

It is a tool to help choose as part of an environmental quality in construction approach.


A reliable tool and recognized

It is common for the entire profession and delivers a reliable and clear message.
This sheet model is the result of a comprehensive approach to the profession of electrical industries.
It is based on ISO / TR . 14025 - environmental Labels and declarations - type III environmental declarations
It uses a methodology and tools recognized:

  • analysis of the life cycle (is based on ISO 14040)
  • EIME (environmental Information & Management Explorer).


The pep program ecopassport

This program developed by the electrical industry in France strictly regulates the LCA approach and environmental information: review of selected materials, information on hazardous substances, environmental impacts to air, water and natural resources. All phases of the product life cycle are taken into account from the extraction of raw materials to manufacturing to end of life products through the stages of production, distribution, work setting and use of products.
The PEP and PEP Ecopassport program were recognized by the Grenelle environment Forum in France and are becoming more widely available and used internationally.